When should tax returns be made in the US?

In the US, the annual US tax return should be submitted no later than 15 April (at the end of the tax year). However, for an American living abroad, an automatic postponement of 2 months applies on 15 April, until 15 June. If a return is not submitted before this date, you must request a postponement to avoid fines for being late in paying tax or late submission of the return. Postponement can be requested up to 15 December.

Request postponement submission US tax return

Please note, one can only request/grant postponement for the submission of the US tax return, but not for paying any tax due in the US.

In the US, a tax return is filed timely when the return has been sent no later than the filing date. The dispatch must have taken place via an IRS recognized company (for foreign shipments, this includes most courier services).