What is a SSN (Social Security Number)?

This is similar to the Dutch SSN (social service number). In the US, a US person can only file a tax return with a SSN. This number is also sometimes (incorrectly) called an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). An ITIN, however, is for anyone who is not a US citizen but must file a return, such as persons who invest in US real estate.

If you do not have an SSN, you can request this at a division within the US Embassy in Dublin. They also do this with the assistance of the American Consulate in Dublin/Amsterdam, because the copies of the required documents (such as a copy US passport, original birth certificate, historical extract from the Municipal Administration, diplomas and certificates) must be verified and validated by an American sworn person. The application for persons born in the US often takes longer (the application is checked at the municipality where they were born) than for persons born outside the US with a Dutch parent (request goes directly to the head office).

Parallel to the application for a SSN, we can draw up the declarations and FBAR already. We advise you to submit the FBAR forms while waiting for the SSN number. If in the unlikely event that the Streamline procedure should be terminated, you have proof that you had the intention to file your declaration, but due to the duration of the procedure to apply for a Social Security Number, you weren’t able to submit the tax returns with the IRS. You can then also collect the information for the declarations. This is often more time-consuming than expected. The tax returns can only be submitted when the SSN has been obtained.

To apply for an SSN, contact the Consulate. The link below refers you to the relevant Consulate information.

Application: social security number