Rubes US Tax Services specialize in Dutch/European-American tax issues for both companies and individuals. We help individuals submit their returns in the US and ensure no double taxation is paid. Our services for companies are aimed at establishing and administering optimal legal forms for both fiscal tax systems.

Gerard van Dalen – Founder/US tax consultant

Gerard has more than 20 years experience with tax issues for clients living outside the US and who have US citizenship. His specialization area is solving complex international tax issues for individuals and business owners. Gerard has a law degree. He was a senior US tax consultant at Ernst & Young for 8 years. He specialized in US and Dutch taxation at TaxPat. The company was acquired by Grant Thornton, where he enjoyed working for another four years. A personal approach and deep specialization came first when he began working for himself.

Jolanda Vink   Managing Partner

With an extensive background in marketing and communication, and 20 years as General Manager, it seemed only logical Jolanda would start her own business. She started collaborating with Gerard in June 2017. They were both so happy with the result, they decided to join forces and continue Rubes US Tax Services together. The principle of the collaborations is the vast amount of Gerard’s knowledge and Jolanda’s solid management background. This should make clients feel comfortable in trusting their US Tax Business to Rubes US Tax Services.

Karin Klaassen   US Tax Consultant

Sandra van Soest   Front Office