US tax services for expats

You have (temporarily) moved to the Netherlands or are moving abroad. Then there are often cross-border fiscal consequences, for which advice is needed. Rubes US Tax Services offers advice that is tailored entirely to your tax situation.

Rubes explains the Dutch tax system for expats arriving in the Netherlands and explains how it relates to the tax system of the country of origin. We advise and implement in the field of: remuneration structures, international tax planning and employment contracts, divided into two jurisdictions.


  • Annual declaration (for two countries)
  • Requesting and applying 30% scheme
  • Having social security continued/ doing social security applications
  • Auditing returns and if necessary, submitting objections and appeals
  • Handling income tax issues under several tax treaties
  • Purchasing real estate in the Netherlands
  • Separate requests for advice

We assist clients who are leaving the Netherlands with all tax liabilities and reports, in particular with preparing the ‘departure income tax’, also called the M-form. We also draw up a possible conservative return for you. The Dutch tax authorities may need information from you even if you haven’t been living in the Netherlands for years. We could act on your behalf as contact person for the Dutch tax authorities, to avoid tax authority questions from disappearing in the international post. We are in direct contact with the tax authorities on your behalf. This can also apply if you have left the Netherlands many years ago.

  • M form
  • Conservational income form
  • Auditing the return, and if necessary, submitting objections and appeals
  • Application for or termination of provisional returns

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to being of assistance.