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US tax services for individuals

The US tax return applies to you if you were born in the US, you have an American parent or you have a green card. You are then called a US person. US persons outside the US are facing complex challenges with their tax returns, their companies, their equity portfolios, investment and retirement planning.

Not only are they taxable in the country where they live and stay, but in the US too. What happens in one tax system will then have immediate impact on the other. Rubes US Tax Services is one of the few companies in the Netherlands who provide services on the cutting edge of both tax systems. We take care of the U.S. tax return and, if desired, the Dutch tax return too. When submitting the annual declaration, we ensure the best tax approach within both systems in order to help prevent double taxation.

Streamlined Foreign Offshore procedure

Many US persons are unaware of the fact that they also have to file tax returns in the US. The US is also aware of this and started a voluntary disclosure program, the so-called Streamlined Foreign Offshore procedure.

To use this procedure, a US tax return must be submitted on the 3 previous years and information on bank accounts with non-US banks must be provided on the 6 previous years.

This is a practical but also an emotional process. The practical part is gathering the information. To do this, you will receive a clear check-list from us that makes this easier. Emotions are sometimes volatile when one hears of this duty, especially if it also shows that you have to start paying tax. Where possible, we are trying to reassure clients quickly because in most cases there is no tax due, so it only concerns a filing duty.

US tax services for individuals:

  • US Federal and State tax returns (including FBAR, 1040, Streamlined procedure)
  • Dutch tax returns for individuals and entrepreneurs in combination with the US Declaration
  • Calculating tax mediation to avoid double taxation
  • Assignment planning for persons moving from and to the US
  • Explaining employment contracts with regard to tax implications
  • US/NL tax advice on consultancy basis

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