NPO: Problems for Dutch Americans due to tax rules

By February 20, 2017Uncategorized

Radio program NPO de Ochtend reports on American Dutch people getting into trouble due to tax rules.

On 1 January 2017, Dutch citizens with dual U.S. citizenship must submit a Tax Identification Number, a Social Security Number, to their Dutch bank. If they don’t, the bank can get a huge fine. The bank may therefore be forced to reject these clients.

Banks incorrectly requested this TIN number; U.S. persons should have a so-called Social Security Number (SSN).

It turns out not all Dutchmen with United States citizenship have such a SSN number. Obtaining a SSN may take up to 9 months and the application is also very difficult. In addition, not everyone knows he/she also has U.S. citizenship, you’re already an American citizen if one of your parents was born there.

People have reason to be very concerned. The Dutch Association of Banks (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken – NVB) raised the alarm with State Secretary of Finance, Wiebes. In addition, CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt entered into debate with Wiebes on the urgent problems with double taxation the American Dutch have encountered.

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